before and after [our outdoor renovation]

It’s been a while coming the before and after of our outdoor area, though this whole renovation seems to have been not just a while coming but a while happening!

After 4 years living here, we thought it was time to fix up the outside area.  It just wasn’t functional!  Small concreted area that then sloped down unevenly, the roof area tiny so not much shade or shelter from the elements.  And it just wasn’t a space we were using!

Queensland weather is just so good most of the year, apart from some crazy storms or cyclones, but for the most part, its the perfect weather to be enjoying the outdoors while in your own home!!

So hubby took a month off work, December 2014, and got to it.  Deciding that the best way to do it was himself!!

And here we are, almost there 4 months later.  Its one of those things, working full time and only have weekends to do the work, but we are nearly finished.   Just the side access bits to do with the majority of it done.  The new roof, new concrete area – YES THAT IS CONCRETE not wood – and raised garden bed.

So impressed with my husband though.  It was all his vision.  All his want.  And all his hard work with just a professional concreter doing the slab.  The rest was all him with the help of some wonderful family.

So here you are – I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!  But definitely loving this space!

Before & After - home outdoor reno

before and after -
one of my favourite flowers, Angelonias, in the garden bed and in pots.
IMG_2187before and after -
The raised garden bed which my husband built.. Him and I spent 4 hours shovelling 6 tonnes of soil to fill it with. My back never hurt so much!
Gorgeous little flowering cactus
before and after -
Thank goodness Millie loves it as it was just build for her….tehehehe
before and after -
Some lovely lemons now growing in the new garden!
before and after -
Her majesty the queen surveying her surrounds.
before and after -
Some yummy baby bells growing in the garden bed!

before and after -

before and after -
Our awesome chilli busy already on its second run of chills!
Love that the floor is stamped concrete. My husband has wanted it for a while and it came up really well. Looks just like wood but really concrete so no need for varnishing

xx Finley

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6 thoughts on “before and after [our outdoor renovation]”

  1. Wow your hubby is quite the handy guy. This totally needs to be on hgtv. It looks like my kind of hangout. The floors are amazing, I really love stamped concrete.

    1. ok just looked up what hgtv was haha! he is a very handy man and I knew he was when we got married but he certainly just keeps surprising me πŸ™‚

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