stepping away from nervous nelly

stepping out of nervous nelly - initforlove

It’s funny as you get older you learn a lot more about yourself and your own patterns.

Something I’ve learned about myself is that I struggle with change.  I get grand ideas, look at all the different ways in which I can make it happen and then often never follow through.

Sometimes, even the littlest things often seem hard – especially when your nerves kick in, it just makes things way bigger than they really have to be!

This year though, I have wanted to rest on God’s word, on His ways and often that has mean just honing in on that voice that often tells you to move forward and say yes!

This month, I am pleased to say I’ve been tuning in and saying YES! Not to everything, baby steps, but little things that I know I just have to do!

My goodness I can be such a nervous nelly but I’ve said yes, to two things I’ve been nervous in doing and I’m feeling so much better for it.

They are big changes to my routine which is why I struggle with change so much because i LOVE routine.  But learning that its okay to create new routines, seems to make it a little easier.

So my weeks have changed.  I took the plunge and went to a class of Zumba all by myself!! No waiting for someone to come with me or being too afraid of “what it might be like by myself”….I just DID it!  And my goodness I loved it and am now coming up to my third week of it doing it twice a week!

And talk about being led by the Holy Spirit.  I sat in the car about to go into the class and prayed that my nerves go away and I am filled with confidence!

So little ol me walks into the class, sees instantly someone alone and with the same exact shoes as me and walks straight up, introduces myself and begins chatting.  And it felt amazing!  Bring on getting fit and healthy!!!  I love dancing so of course I love Zumba and its all towards trying to get as healthy as possible to get closer to our conceiving journey!

Second item starts tomorrow.  I’ve said YES to helping out in the Kids area at church, babysitting during the service.   Super nervous, a million questions and incredibly unsure because I know NOTHING on what will happen – but I’m doing it.  Nerves be gone – I’ve said yes, and a time where pride is welcome because I can never pull out of something I’ve said yes to!

It may seem like small steps to some but steps are steps.   The best part of change and saying yes – is that it opens you up to things you have never done and to further experiences that then create MORE experiences!!! So bring it on!

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