RANDOM CRAFT MOMENT (and probably the only one I will ever do)


Sewing, scrapbooking, crafts – they really aren’t my thing.  My bodies makeup does NOT have the patience for it.  I blame my dear ol dad.

Cooking, stationery, design, painting – those things I love – but craft and sewing – it just ain’t me!

I remember in high school doing Home Economics.  Oh boy i LOVED the cooking part of those lessons.  When it came to the sewing part – I pretty much sat there and attempted to sew but was the one constantly asking the teacher to re thread my sewing machine.

Now me over in Manual Arts hacking some metal apart or hammering out a sweet key holder for mum and dad – now we’re talking!

This is why you should be surprised when you see the word craft in a blog post on this ere blog!

But alas there is no sewing in this random little craft moment.  It’s nearing Christmas and our office, on Monday 1st December will be getting all sorts of festive.  So along with the Christmas tree and the cute yellow reindeer ornaments, we are going to do this cute little installation.  A couple of canvases with cute Christmas imagery all over it.   This isn’t finished – I think it needs some diamond shaped pattern stuck behind the cards, ribbon and pegs – but as easy as it is – it’s really cute (i think!).

Doing a practice run at home tonight and its so the cutest!  It’s making me wish I send Christmas cards out so I could get some in return and pop them on something like this at home OR just make one myself with my own fave imagery going around at the moment!  Perhaps an advent type one.

But anywhoo – it’s a super cute idea that I just had to share.  I’ve seen it around the place (think I saw a furniture store do it) and in an office where its branded Yellow – it will look so so cute (if I do say so myself).

Totally feeling festive xx



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