my new favourite thing [obsession?]

As is so often the case with yours truly, when I buy something new or create something new, ย I go full throttle and don’t stop doing that one thing until I’ve either got suitable wear out of it or do it so much I get sick of it!!!!

In this case it’s awesome because its all in the name of perfecting one of my crafts for my upcoming mission trip next month (you can read about that here). ย But all I’ve found is all I can think about is making Kusudama Flowers – like a lot!

These are pretty much what I’ll be making with the girls over in Cambodia, with all the pretty coloured paper and paper straws and I’ve just finished all the packs for the girls for this day. ย All packed nice and neatly ready to go! *yay*

I’m thinking though, when I return, that I’m going to have to buy some patterned paper and get into these even more hehe. ย I think I’m turning into my Nanny (grandma) who I remember used to make tissue flowers when I was younger. ย Though I’m thinking I’ve started many many years before she did! ย I lead a very exciting life ๐Ÿ˜‰

But I think I have found my new favourite thing! ย Now I just need to find someone who is having a baby shower/wedding or something so I don’t end up having the house taken over by them!!! ย  There are so many options with these things its crazy!! Patterned paper, coloured paper, colour in or draw something yourself and my personal favourite yet I’m yet to try/master – the Kusudama Flower Ball!!! see this link for all things google image flower ball!

So I thought I should share it with you – share the obsession – and see if you want to give it a go yourself! ย  It is seriously such a fun thing to do and they are SO PRETTY! ย  I already LOVE flowers, the fact that I can now make them myself equals one happy Finley!!!


For these Kusudama flowers I used an A4 piece of paper. ย Then cut them (guillotined) and got 4 equal sized square pieces from it. ย They are 10.4cm x 10.4cm. ย Of course you can make them as small (they look really cute smaller) or as large as you like as long as the paper is square.


Then just simply stick all the petals together to create a flower. ย Then I push the straw through the top of the flower once it’s dry. ย Just carefully do it so you don’t push the petals apart.



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