2013 – What.A.Year [year in review]

Excited to be linking up with Silver Lining to complete the wonderful year that was 2013 review!!!   Such a great idea.

Firstly >>> What.A.Year!

I’d have to say it actually was one of the best years of my life.  So much positive change and growth it was pretty hard for it not to be!!!  

It was the first year of me starting blogging and therefore the first time for a Year in Review link up, so I’ll keep it nice and short and sweet (sort of!) with a quick monthly overview and also to just say  PRAISE GOD!!!  What a year. What a thankful thankful year 2013 was.  

Some fantastic moments it just makes me so so happy looking back at it right now and I seriously have been so blessed to really connect and grow in my faith with our Lord that it has made me the happiest and most at peace I ever have been.  Cannot wait for 2014!!!!

January 2013 // 
The new year kicked off quietly for me (and usually with a health kick thrown in!) with lots of dinners with my families and also got to celebrate the wedding of my lovely cousin Iain out at a gorgeous property at Bundamba where I video’d their wedding for them.   January also marks the yearly Australia Day pool party celebrations with a group of our friends which is always a nice relaxing day with plenty of steak, lamb and sausages on the barbie. Even though this year it rained! 

February 2013 // 
A nice busy month February was.   Had fun on a Gondola cruise at the Gold Coast which was one of our wedding gifts.  Went to Canberra for Superbowl (a tradition my husband has with a good friend) and also for my husbands birthday.  My nephew Harley turned the big 1.  Began clomid and did our second IUI in early February.  A basketball friend of hubby’s engagement party.   Went for a girls weekend away with some friends to Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.    Went to the Soundwave Music Festival.



March 2013 // 
Birthday celebrations for my twin sister and I as well as my older sisters birthday (we are 3 days apart) with some Japanese food.  We had our annual Ray White annual awards for work where I was honored with 10 years of service.   Had high tea for my mum’s birthday. Several more dinners out with friends at fab Brisbane restaurants and a much needed free weekend of doing nothing which included a trip out on Moreton Bay on a catamaran with my husband.

April 2013 // 
The month started with an Easter long weekend with all my family to a property at Mt Tamborine minus my twin sister who was overseas.    Woke up at dawn for the Anzac Day Dawn service in the city in which hubby’s alarm didn’t go off this year in the middle of the minute of silence – thank goodness!

May 2013 //
A fun random Rave themed party with some friends,   My nephews 9th birthday at a fun water park.  Mothers Day lunch.  And most importantly – the month I was Water Baptised, on the 26th May!!!  Thank you Jesus!!! 

June 2013 // 
Spoke to our specialist about doing IVF after 2 failed IUI’s.   Had a great trip to Sydney with the hubster as part of our visit every capital city in Australia bucket list.   Went to see Mark Gungor at a conference at Church. Had my 3 wisdom teeth out – OUCH!   Had a super fun Karaoke Taco Hat party with my family.  My beautiful niece Ayla Grace was born on the 24th June, a lovely way to end the month!


July 2013 //
My younger sister had her birthday.  Had two great dinner parties at our house with some great friends.   Went to a basketball friend of hubby’s wedding.  Went to the Russian Resurrection Film Festival  with the husband.  Had a great girls night out with a big group of friends.  Said goodbye to my dear friend who was moving to Melbourne at a fun going away party.

August 2013 // 
Went to Proserpine up in North Queensland to visit my best friend of over 14 years and her little girl!!   Got to babysit my lovely nieces and nephews.   My lovely niece August turned 3!    August was also the month that I first started blogging.  Ahhh it feels just like yesterday.   Something that turned out to surprise and delight me – a lovely little world I never knew existed and now love!!!!

September 2013 //
Had a rare night out with just my 3 sisters.  So completely lovely that was and had my gorgeous little nephew come stay at my house and got up to some fun at the Brisbane Riverfire Festival and skating.  You can see that here 

October 2013 //
Got to catch up with my friend who moved to Melbourne when she visited Brisbane.   Had an awesome family BBQ at Marcoola with all my sisters.   October was the month that I signed on to do my first ever Mission Trip to Cambodia – you can read about this upcoming trip here   My husband and I had our 1 year wedding anniversary!!!

November 2013 //
We decided to not do IVF in the new year and put our trust and child in our Lord’s hands – see my revelation on this here.     Got to celebrate my gorgeous niece Hannah’s 1st Birthday.   Headed to Melbourne to visit my friend and ate waaaay to much food – you can read about our food adventures here   Celebrated my niece Summer’s 4th birthday and also my niece Leila’s 5th birthday with a Rainbow Party where we all got very silly which was awesome!   Had a fun couples boardgame night at our house.   Lots of needles and pricking and prodding in preparation for my trip to Cambodia and SHE mission meetings. Got to watch my niece Summer in her first ballet recital!!

December 2013//
Then of course it brings us to December.  A month filled with festivities and feasting!  A work barefoot bowls function, a surprise 80th birthday party, two Christmas’s , two lunches with friends and one awesome month filled with beautiful and at times silly, family love!!!


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