savoury breakfast bowl

This week has been a process of cleaning out the fridge.  Making sure we don’t waste anything and cooking with only what we have in the house.

It’s been interesting and really pushes you to think outside the box.

So breakfast this morning was using up some beef mince that had been waiting its turn patiently in the freezer, lots of spices, homegrown cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and parsley, along with some fresh eggs and avocado.

It ended up being this tasty little fella – a savoury breakfast bowl.


IMG_8415 IMG_8413

recipe blog card

I hope you enjoy.  It really is one of those things you can create and change around as you like.  So easy to customise.  I think it would be delicious with a side of some coconut flour tortillas too for dinner or even for breakfast 🙂

hi i'm finley

friday favourites

This week has been a huge week and I’m not afraid to say I am feeling really exhausted.

But in perfect timing, this weekend is a long weekend (YESS) so plenty of time to recharge and relax!

This past week has been filled with plenty of good things, so here are my friday faves.

favourite QUOTE
Todd White visited our church over the weekend and spoke some incredible things.  One of which really resonated with me, “God will take you as you are but grace demands change”.  He really has an incredible story and testimony.
God will take you as you are but the Gospel demands change, Grace demands change.
favourite FIND
I’ve eyed this love necklace off for a while, but took the plunge when I saw this on sale on one of my favourite shopping websites
favourite RECIPE
Homemade chocolate was enhaled this week.  I posted about this deliciously easy recipe here
favourite MOMENT
Visiting our local fruit & vege markets and spotting these monster eggplants!!!
favourite HOUSE ITEM
Our little dining room got a table upgrade this week.  I’ve been after a glass topped dining table for a while.  A quick stop in to Freedom Furniture after the markets and this little guy was in the sale area.  Reduced from $399 to $99 – SOLD! 🙂

Friday Favourites – on a Friday, it’s about looking back at your week that was and sharing.  For me, its about what I’ve loved, what I’ve learned, what’s made me giggle and whats gone in my stomach….or recipes that I want in my stomach.  A positive way to reflect on your week that was!

hi i'm finley

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healthy & easy homemade chocolate

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while but have always thought it would just be too complicated and also because….CHOCOLATE!

But it was quick (took me 18 mins for my first go!), basic and used minimal ingredients!  Not just that, but its filled with lots of good stuff for you too which we all keep hearing LOTS about!

coconut oil – eases digestion, boosts immunity, stops sugar cravings (umm YES please!)
raw cacao powder – high concentrate of magnesium & iron and packed with antioxidants
cashew butter – essential amino acids

You can find the original recipe via two lovely sisters from Canberra over at – it’s a recipe thats definitely worth a try if you’ve got the ingredients at home and one we will make every now and then as it does use a lot of coconut oil and cashew butter, but as a treat – YUM!




hi i'm finley