I’ll do it tomorrow 


Think of all the things you love.  All your favorite things to do. 

Now how often do you actually prioritize them.  What do you not end up doing because you allow the necessities of life to take over only to throw your hands up, too tired to bother?!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  How I put off doing the things I SO want to do and  love to do, because I’m stuck in the routine of the daily life.
It’s strange, because shouldn’t we be making time for the things we love and that make us feel great?

So why don’t they get pushed to the top of the list? 

It gets like this for me with study. Bible study! I know how amazing I feel after doing it, but it is a matter of just doing it lately!   Why can I sit and have time to watch that 1 hour TV show but say I don’t have the time to study the word?

I think recognizing it is definitely the first step.  I guess it’s also steps to make this the new routine!  Consciously choosing it over the idiot box and having it as the way to wind down.

It’s also a wake up call to see how I am prioritising my time.  What is important to me? And my goodness, my faith and connection to Christ is the top of the list!

No matter what it is, studying the word, spending more time with your other half/family or deciding to just push the washing and cleaning to one side and just enjoy something you love; it’s always something we need to recognize – that we get one chance at this life!  We should be grateful for just waking up each morning and getting a fresh start every single day!

You see, we wake up and throughout the day we make thousands of small decisions  – why not make the conscious decision to put the things we love, first!

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