Reverse Bucket List [the circle link up]

Today I’m linking up with Kiki from In Its Time for the monthly The Circle Link up.   A lovely link up which focuses on creating friendships and sharing experiences, which I love!

I have to admit my brain struggled with this one and for the life of me I’m thinking – what have I done in my life haha!  I just went blank.

But it soon kicked into gear and here are the top things I am so glad I’ve done in my life that IF i had a bucket list, they would be on it – without one though, I’m just rolling freestyle, taking it all as it comes!


A list of things I’m proud of from my time on this ere planet!


  • Continue to conquer my fear of flying BY flying.
  • Go on a Mission trip to Cambodia with the SHE Rescue Home
  • Visit every capital city in Australia with my husband – so far completed the whole east coast.  3 capitals left!
  • Travel the world – East/West Coasts America, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, New Zealand, Canada,
  • Travel to see girlfriends interstate often!
  • Help build a vege garden for a small town in Cambodia.
  • Visit Hobbiton, Lord of the Rings land in New Zealand


  • Give my life to Jesus
  • Get baptised
  • Volunteer with SHE Rescue Home by hosting market stalls as often as possible.
  • Serve in children s area at Church every second Sunday, looking after 4-5 year old.


  • Get married and learn what true love is!
  • Date nights with the hubby…often!
  • Witness the birth of my first nephew
  • Make family a priority.
  • Get my own cat.


  • Drive a rally car
  • Ride an elephant
  • Sing karaoke at a dive bar in Twisp, Washington
  • Go on a catamaran for Brisbane River Fire
  • Be front row at 3 or more concerts – Pink x 2, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Evanescence
  • Go snorkeling with my best friend on Green Island, Cairns


  • Start and create a blog
  • Do fitness at least twice a week –  Zumba Tues/Thurs & Beach Volleyball Wed.
  • Start a self conflicted mission to try all the chicken wings in Brisbane – priorities!
  • Buy a home
  • Renovate a house
  • Wake up early and enjoy the sunrise, on more than one occasion
  • Survive the death of a parent – my beautiful father when I was 17.
  • Play violin since childhood and be part of the Sunshine Coast Youth Orchestra
  • Play piano since 3 years old
  • Play hockey throughout highschool
  • Build my sisters kids clothing website, Dashes of Love

I do love this though, because it allows us to reflect on our life, no matter our age, we’ve all been through something!  Why not be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far, big or small – it all matters and is YOUR journey! 


xx Finley