be strong like a 6 year old



My beautiful niece turned 6 yesterday and in phoning her to say happy birthday, I asked her “what’s different now that you are 6 Summer?”

“Ummm I’m taller.  Um, stronga! Ummm, smarter….and my hair is longer!”


The confidence that came from her, even just over the phone was so admirable!  She’s 6!  She knows nothing of worry, stress, disappointment, deadlines, 5 year plans!

She just knows the simple facts.

That she IS taller.  She is STRONGER. She is SMARTER!  And the hair, well thats just a bonus!

It’s what I think we all need more of.  Getting the basics right and talking positive to ourselves.  To be PROUD of who we are and BRAVE enough to say it out loud!

We need to have the mind of a 6 year old! To realise just how wonderfully strong and smart we are!  

hi i'm finley

be brave in the small moments


Often we (me!) think we need to make changes in our lives – its a thought that comes up a lot.  What decisions do I need to make and what changes do I have to make to get there.

We often also think that those changes should be big life changing moments where we end up being changed forever! I know I feel like this….over and over!

But I think sometimes that’s overrated.

I also think that the fear of making the big changes in our lives, can stop us from making ANY changes. And this is often my biggest challenge!

So I’ve decided I’m starting with the small changes.

Being brave in the little everyday moments such as;

  • stepping out with no make up on
  • brushing my hair and wearing it in all its untamed glory
  • going on that bike ride with my husband not to gain fitness or get skinnier but for good ol fashioned fun and giggles!
  • turning right instead of left when we drive somewhere just to take a different route
  • giving that extra moment of PDA in public despite whose looking and just enjoying it!
  • smiling randomly or saying good morning to that stranger even though they look grumpy
  • wearing those comfy pants out because my goodness they’re so comfy (sorry hubby!)
  • talking to the next door neighbour just for a chat and how are ya – nothing else
  • making a freezer meal for someone or sweets for work colleagues – just because
  • saying yes when someone asks me to do something, go/be somewhere  or help someone.

I don’t think the changes we make in our lives need have to be big life moments!

I believe that even the smallest change can open up a world of possibility and doors we never knew existed.

And not just a world that we think others will be pleased with – but a world where we are pleased with ourselves!!!

Being brave in the little things; because those little moments could be the very thing that you need. That will take you exactly where you need to be….and maybe even help touch someone else’s life along the way!

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2 NIV

hi i'm finley

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