33 going on 20

Apparently hanging around younger people doesn’t just make you feel younger it apparently makes you look younger – 13 years younger to be exact….WINNING!!!

The past 3 Sundays I’ve been volunteering at the under 5’s kids area at church, looking after parents children while they attend the morning service.

I’ve totally loved it – despite the snotty noses, spluttering, mood swings and getting to hold kids Frozen dresses up while they go to the toilet.

But apart from that, its super rewarding and the other volunteers there are just absolute gems.

The most rewarding parts so far are;

  • Having some kids sit down for bible stories and look around to find me.  As soon as they spot me a big grin comes over their faces as I see them and wave.
  • Getting hugs when the kids leave and a, ‘see ya later Finley” as I leave.
  • Getting to seeing my niece, who is in the same playgroup, and how she interacts with other kids.  She’s completely surprised me by how quietly confident she is and how excited she gets when she puts her hand up to answer a question about the bible and when she gets asked to join in for prayer.

But the one that got me on Sunday past, was being asked by another volunteer how old I was and saying that she thought I was 20 years old!!!  (she is 18) Now that cracked this old chook up I tells ya!

Perhaps its more immaturity that makes me appear younger….I have no idea why though as I’m totally mature and grown up!!

My little nephew and I being mature!
My little nephew and I being mature!

Lovely little boost to the confidence – though the downside was (and this happens a lot interestingly!!) when I tell her my actual age and I get the response of “wow I didn’t realize you were THAT old” lol.  Right back to normal ol mildly confident me haha.  It was nice while it lasted 😉

lately – the time that’s past

I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I last blogged but it’s been a nice unexpected break nonetheless with a few checks inbetween of what you lovelies have been up to (especially checking whose popped and whose not haha, for those pregnant ladies)!

It seems a lot can happen in a month if you make it, so as I start getting back into bloggyland after this little hiatus, here is a quick snapshot of what this little In It for Love lady has been up to.


Supporting SHE Rescue Home.  
Had so much fun doing a Girl Crew Stall at Citipointe Church on 17th October and just did my first solo market stall over the weekend at the Carseldine Markets.  Was SOOO much fun and beats my weekly job of sitting at a desk all day. Speaking to people and telling them about what SHE Rescue Home is and does – loved it!

Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show
A beautiful friend gave hubby and I free tickets to this years Food and Wine Show at the Southbank Exhibition Centre.   Got to see some chefs make some food and ate plenty ourselves 🙂


Family Time
My lovely mother, in late October, got one of her knees replaced so my sisters and I have been taking turns in looking after her as the arthritis is so bad in her unoperated knee its hard for her to walk.   She is doing so well now and the replacement knee has barely any pain at all which is awesome!  Can’t wait for the 2nd knee to be operated on early next year so she can get back to her old self again 🙂
Also had lots of fun getting together with my sisters and nieces and nephews relaxing together.  Nothing I love more than spending time with those cute little rascals!!!

An anniversary love fest.….(eeew sorry!)
My wonderful hubsteroonie and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on the 28th October and 5 years together on the 31st October.  We celebrated with an AWESOME long weekend trip to Hobart, Tasmania.  Had a bunch of delicious restaurants/cafes and more on the list….wallaby burrito anyone???  Our trip was pretty much walk, eat, walk, eat, sleep, walk, eat, sleep!  Our definition of a relaxing holiday – which is exactly what we wanted.

Thank you Obama
…and a myriad of other world leaders who definitely did NOT get as much mention as the American President on their visit to Brisbane for G20 Summit.   Loved seeing your intense display of power with your private choppers, planes and entourage.

I say thank you though G20 as you gave us a day off/public holiday, but in return you gave us closed roads, cavalcades, a departure of people in Brisbane turning it to a ghost town and a police presence like I’ve never seen!!!

We hope you liked our 40 degree heatwave world leaders tehehehe!  Nothing like a heatwave to get Vladimir Putin out of the country early lol!

But its been a good month.  I love this little life we have here in sunny Brisbane….and with my fear of flying after our Tassy trip in full swing again – I won’t be going anywhere for a while hahaha!!! You don’t want to be hubby’s arm when we fly….poor thing!

But every opportunity and experience we get, no matter how ‘busy’ we sound or how much is going on, it is ALL an absolute blessing to live in a country like Australia and have freedom like no other!

Loving life xx