be strong like a 6 year old



My beautiful niece turned 6 yesterday and in phoning her to say happy birthday, I asked her “what’s different now that you are 6 Summer?”

“Ummm I’m taller. ย Um, stronga! Ummm, smarter….and my hair is longer!”


The confidence that came from her, even just over the phone was so admirable! ย She’s 6! ย She knows nothing of worry, stress, disappointment, deadlines, 5 year plans!

She just knows the simple facts.

That she IS taller. ย She is STRONGER. She is SMARTER! ย And the hair, well thats just a bonus!

It’s what I think we all need more of. ย Getting the basics right and talking positive to ourselves. ย To be PROUD of who we are and BRAVE enough to say it out loud!

We need toย have the mind of a 6 year old! To realise just how wonderfully strong and smart we are! ย 

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