be strong like a 6 year old



My beautiful niece turned 6 yesterday and in phoning her to say happy birthday, I asked her “what’s different now that you are 6 Summer?”

“Ummm I’m taller.  Um, stronga! Ummm, smarter….and my hair is longer!”


The confidence that came from her, even just over the phone was so admirable!  She’s 6!  She knows nothing of worry, stress, disappointment, deadlines, 5 year plans!

She just knows the simple facts.

That she IS taller.  She is STRONGER. She is SMARTER!  And the hair, well thats just a bonus!

It’s what I think we all need more of.  Getting the basics right and talking positive to ourselves.  To be PROUD of who we are and BRAVE enough to say it out loud!

We need to have the mind of a 6 year old! To realise just how wonderfully strong and smart we are!  

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