the firsts are fun!

I’m definitely one of those people who like routine and predictability.  I like calendars, to do lists, knowing what I’m cooking for dinner before I get home, what’s happening weekends in advance and our budgets and bank accounts inside out.

This usually extends to foods as well.  I think I am pretty experimental with my foods, but I find I have to be in the mood to try something different – those darn hormones like to control me!

As I get older though, I’m trying more things for the first time.  Because I’ve figured something out.


If I didn’t try something for the first time, how would I know if I like it or not.

Exhibit A was this interesting little specimen.  Ladies and gentlemen this is a fruit!!!  A chocolatey custard looking fruit…..and it’s delicious!   It’s the Black Sapote (also know as the Chocolate pudding fruit), bought at the markets on Sunday.  It was hard when we bought it, then a few days later its soft, you put it in the fridge to chill, cut the seeds out and eat (not the skin though).

black sapote - initforlove

My favourite fruit is the Persimmon – this is from the persimmon family!  So its pretty obvious I’d like this.  But the look of it is enough to put you off haha!

And chopping it up and passing it around the office, I’m so intrigued at how many people are wiling to try things for the first time!  I was so impressed!

Because in the end, when you try something new, it could up being your new favourite thing, you just didn’t know it yet! 

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3 thoughts on “the firsts are fun!”

    1. Haha awesome! Can they look a bit rough at times can they? This was from a market in Brisbane and I’d love to keep finding more 😊

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