Pork Belly Adobo [a fortnightly fave]

Pork Belly Adobo

The delicious sour, salty and sweet taste of this dish, thanks to my sisters Filipino husband, is one we’ve adopted and eat most fortnights!

In an effort to try and keep to our clean, low processed way of living, we’ve swapped out the white sugar to coconut sugar and usually have it with cauliflower rice or brown rice.

This time though, we mixed it up by adding some quinoa to the brown rice mix and using pork belly instead of shoulder with the crackling on top…ummmm….YUM!

This recipe is so easy, so tasty and uses one pot!  Anything with minimal washing up is definitely a favourite of mine!

I think this is a really great recipe to be able to make it your own.  Add more soy or add more vinegar if you want – we add fresh chilli as we like this better spicy and hot!  So it is fun to make it a few times and figure out how you like it!

In the meantime, we are thankful for a Filipino brother-in-law, otherwise we would never have known how much we love this!

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