just another reason

Well we are back home from a 4 day trip with family – reuniting with those we haven’t spent time with for a long time – all 44 adults, 9 kids and 4 babies of us! 

One thing that just makes my heart so happy is the little things that love keeps showing me!

Our last day yesterday I wake up early and spontaneously think I want to go watch the sunrise over the beach where we were staying.

I gently wake my husband up and he doesn’t ask what time it is or whinges, he just rolls over and says “yeah sure”. And off we go!

He is always patient with my whims, understanding through his tiredness and loving to me like I still can’t believe. 

Just another reason why I keep falling in love with my husband more and more every day! 


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Hi, I'm Fin... ...a Brisbane foodnerd and lifestyle blogger. Fin

5 thoughts on “just another reason”

    1. Thanks Diana! Its great to spend time with family somewhere away from our homes, with no distractions πŸ™‚

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