summer staples (the circle link up)

Being that its winter here in Brisbane, its nice to dream about summer time in 6 months time and all the things I love about summer…..which isn’t a lot because my favourite season is winter 🙂

So I’m linking up with Kiki from In Its Time and Cassie from Living on Cloud Nine for June’s The Circle Link Up – Summer Staples.

My favourite things for summer aren’t just “stuff”, they are really the moments we end up spending together with people we think are awesome!.  Family picnics, park visits, the occasional beach visit, outdoor bbqs and the lovely bright mornings and late lit nights!

Summer Staples - In It For Love

1. Seafolly bag – I bought this beauty over Christmas and still haven’t had a chance to use it.  This summer will definitely have to for a beach visit and this little lovely!

2. Birkenstock Sandals – pretty much one of my favourite shoes to wear.  These will definitely be out come summertime!  I’ve being eyeing off this new style to add to the collection!

3. Kuvings Juicer – with all the juicing we do, I can imagine us in summer enjoying some light and berry fresh juices….love to upgrade to this beauty!!!

4. Tortoise Shell Sunglasses – I always want to change but I never do.  Love a tortoise shell pair of glasses and love these!!

5. Floral bikini – Every year I say we will go to the beach more…surely this will help to make me go to the beach more 🙂

6. Maxi Dress – my perfect idea for summer dressing, no fuss outfits!

7. Earrings – I’m not a big jewelry person, but I’ll always have earrings on!   Got my eye on these!

8. Sneakers – As well as a comfy pair of sandals, I really love these shoes.  Need a new pair as my blue ones are wearing out fast!  Really liking this colour though!

9. Nail Polish – I love bright coloured nails for summer but I also have an obsession with natural colours and love this peach colour!

And thats about it for me.  Can I just say how absolutely fun it was making a collage like that! Loved it!

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15 thoughts on “summer staples (the circle link up)”

    1. Isn’t it cute! Now I just have to get the confidence up to wear something like that haha! Yes I thought the same when I saw them – they still look the same but love the sandal look to them 🙂

  1. Love the floral bikini. As for the confidence, just put in on and don’t worry about it. After a few times, it will become more natural.

  2. Loved how you said your favorite summer things were moments & memories, not “stuff” – couldn’t have said it better myself! =) That said, I do love a good maxi dress & nail polish {preferably glittery}. Thanks for sharing! Loved your collage {I love making em, too!}.

    1. You SO can’t go past a one piece: I find myself liking them more and more lately! Thanks for stopping by Jess 🙂

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  4. You found sooooo very many cute things! I don’t actually have my ears pierced, but I love the ones you have your eyes on! I hope they make their way to you! 🙂

    I also love that swimsuit and that maxi dress. I’ve been looking for a comfy maxi dress for a year or so now and still haven’t been able to find one. I need to put a little more energy into that one!

    Thanks for linking up! And happy winter, too! 🙂

    1. Aww thanks Kiki – it was so much fun!!!! Dreaming about the summer to come! Better not show the hubby this post hehehe

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