The long LONG day – juice fast day 1

Well today started the first day of our 5 day juice fast and all I could think about was all the burgers, pizza and chicken wings I wanted to eat, even though we only eat them every so often! 

Struggled with all the juice today as found it ALOT to drink. Seemed like it was non stop drinking all day as well as peeing all day.

Also not helping was feelings of nauseous later in the day which made the thought of drinking more of what’s making you feel that way very unappealing.

As much as I didn’t mind the taste of the juices, it’s the quantities that I’m finding really hard.  

I’m not feeling hungry at all, it’s just so much liquid its a struggle to fit it all in.

Dans feeling really good and has been so so awesome all day. He has made breakfast, lunch, juice and desserts all day. Cutting, juicing and cleaning. Got to remember through my headachey, nauseous state to appreciate him and know he is doing all that AND feeling similar too. Such a wonderful man.

Mixed feelings about tomorrow as it will be a day at work and most probably similar feelings of headaches and nausea as it’s supposed to clear after day 2-3.

I just have to keep reminding myself why we are doing it and all of the great things it’s doing to my body. Cleansing out toxins, massive amounts of nutrients, possibilities of cleaning up skin and the problems I have with eczema on my legs and dermatitis on my scalp, as well as many benefits for our overall health and fertility. 

So with that in mind – I’m having my dessert juice of sweet potato, pear, apple, strawberries and cinnamon…Cheers! 

Joes Mean Green Juice & Sporty Spice Juice

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4 thoughts on “The long LONG day – juice fast day 1”

    1. Hi Chantel – the first few days were tough and it was exactly that, thinking about all the junk I could eat was CONSTANT. but we made it and thanks for your prayers lovely!

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