one day [a grateful heart]

one day, a grateful heart - in it for love

…one day i will have a house that will be filled with random bursts of laughter and non stop giggles

…one day there will be big brown eyes that look just like my husbands staring back at me

…one day there will be awkward moments in trying to put in a car seat or pull open a stroller

…one day i’ll realise what its like to want to protect something to the ends of the earth

…one day my husband and i will see love looking back at us and feel more connected than ever

…one day we will be able to pass on all our knowledge, thoughts and beliefs to our next generation

…one day i’ll be able to share all the recipes and tastes that i love

…one day my heart will be more full than i ever imagined

…one day i’ll know the incredible miracle of life our Lord created

But for now, in this day, i’m thankful for what i have. Right now, I’m excited to know what could come when I’m already so completely happy in what I have!

Today I’m grateful that I can fully appreciate what I don’t have, to in turn be thankful for what I do have. Today I’m proud that my Lord and Saviour has filled me with hope and happiness in the now.  For the shelter over my head, the food in my stomach and the love in my heart.

That at this point in time, I am enjoying the here, the now and living in the moment! I thank God that I am here and that I have a voice that can say, today I am thankful that the  ‘one day’ will happen, and that it will happen with Christ!

hi i'm finley

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4 thoughts on “one day [a grateful heart]”

  1. Hope and happiness in the now = praise for that! It’s so much fun to dream, and to know He encourages us to do so, but I love it when it feels equally as great to give thanks for the present moment. Thanks for linking up, Finley 🙂

    1. Thanks Emily! It’s something so empowering to recognize the now and how blessed we are in the countries we are in

  2. I admire your ability to stay positive when you’ve been wanting this for so long.Your life will be filled with that love, somehow, someday. How wonderful you can still feel a heart full of love in your current state.

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