self improvement fail

Well…it didn’t last long.  My ​self improvement challenge to ​​wake up early.

​I thought I was doing quite well until a few weeks after I’d set this challenge, I woke up, still in bed and reached over to my phone to see this.

Untitled design

I was quickly reminded by my other half that I actually wasn’t succeeding with this little self improvement challenge!

How funny it is when you are set on doing something, you talk about it, you tell others – who in turn remember when you have already forgotten what you vowed you would start doing!!!

I already knew deep down it wouldn’t last long.  I’m really not a morning person and it is just another way that I’m reaffirmed that I can’t consistently change my ways.

However, I am definitely amused by the way my husband chose to bring it to my attention – by changing my wallpaper and how he obviously knows my own patterns too well.  I’m also impressed by his great ability to find strangely accurate memes to prove a point haha!

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4 thoughts on “self improvement fail”

  1. hahah your husband sounds like quite a character! I always fail with my self improvement ideas too. Especially diets.. I fell such a pressure. I tried (and majorly failed) to complete the 21 day challenge. It’s kind of sad that I can’t spend 21 days away from bad food.. ugh.

    1. oh he definitely is a character….i think he thought he was pretty clever getting away with it! I didn’t even wake up to hear him do it!!
      Gargh diets yup I hear ya. I was the same with 30 day photo challenges….failed time after time….I don’t try them anymore haha

  2. haha, at least you can laugh about it! I tried to get up 30 minutes early every day for a week, and failed after the second day. I’m always rushing around and giving myself a heart attack in the morning and that one day where I had the extra time to apply make up, pack a better lunch and even BREATHE was nice. But I couldn’t stick with it. Being self aware of who we are is important too.

    1. hahaha. its so funny hey. i think as long as you can understand – right thats not me you learn to live with it haha…but still doesn’t help when you are rushing in the morning

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