right in front of you [grateful heart]

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The other day my husband was driving to work early in the morning, around 4:30am. On his way to work there is a part of the road that does a downhill S-bend underneath a bridge.I find it so fun to drive as its like you are a race car driver, its good fun.

On this morning drive however, with only himself on the road and the tradies up at sparrows fart (scuse the aussie slang), he was taking this s-bend, and smack bang in the middle of the road, head down and headphones on looking down at his phone, was a man.  Right in the middle of the road. He had to slam his brakes on and swerved so quickly to not hit this man​ and sped around him.

​​It was pretty easy to know he wasn’t lost.  ​This is a really hard spot to get to as a pedestrian unless you are deliberately going there​.  There is no access, the bridge for pedestrians is ABOVE ​the road, yet here he was, this man – head down, ​looking at his phone, just standing there.It definitely shook my husband up to have that happen on his way to ​work and he was extremely thankful he didn’t hit him, but worried who else might if this guy stayed there – hopefully it made him leave!

But it did get hubby and I thinking.

As followers of Christ we are led to help people, give our time to those in need and lead others TO Christ!    (and don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be a Christian to be able to help others!) 

You never know when someone needs help.  They could seem completely fine and even tell you they’re fine.  But until you become a part of their life and get involved – that’s when you can truly understand what they are going through and if they ARE okay.

He started thinking about people he knew who were in a rough spot at the moment and how he could help them and that he should be doing SOMETHING! Even if that something is lightening the load and making dinner and dropping it around to their house!

It also made him extremely grateful for what he has in his life.  How lucky he is with what he has currently and how grateful he is that he has Jesus!

But most importantly – I think it taught him to be ready!  Ready to act.  Ready to help. Ready to give his time!

Because you never know when someone could be standing right in front of you really needing it!

xx Finley

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12 thoughts on “right in front of you [grateful heart]”

  1. It is so true you never know when someone may need you to help, to step in and show the love of God. It is great to be ready to serve at a moment notice. I am grateful for those that have done that for me. 🙂 have a great week!

    1. It SO would be Michelle! I think thats the problem sometimes is we expect something from helping someone else – when we should just be serving anyway!

  2. Wow! That must have been terrifying for your husband! I’m so glad he was able to act quick and not hit the man!

  3. I love this. I have learned that there is always someone that could use a little help or encouragement….I just have to be willing to look. Loved your thoughts on this! 🙂

  4. Wow!!!! What an amazing story! Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement! As God’s people, we do have so much EXTRA to offer! Especially, to each other!

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