instant happy [finding beauty]

finding beauty 13 - instant happy

Bouquets of flowers just have to be one of my favourites.Whether bought myself or a gift, like this bouquet that I had delivered to work today from a recent guest, in which I organised the two day tour for them.

My day has been dragging on here at work. Its a short week after Easter but its felt long – why is that?But this has certainly cheered me up…..that and the piccolo latte I just purchased!

Give me this every Friday and I’ll be a happy lady πŸ™‚

xx Finley



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Hi, I'm Fin... ...a Brisbane foodnerd and lifestyle blogger. Fin

8 thoughts on “instant happy [finding beauty]”

    1. Me TOO!!! oooo a piccolo latte is a shot of coffee with a dash of milk. So good! Milk does funny things to my stomach so the less the better. Took a little getting used to but love them now!

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