you look funny without your glasses on!

you look funny with your glasses off

For most of my adult life I can remember wearing glasses.

I started off needing to get my eyes tested in year 7, though I’m sure I pushed to get them tested as my best friend at the time was wearing glasses so I ended up getting mine tested too – ye ol parent manipulation!  But I remember them definitely helping.

However,  the second I put them on at primary school , I was picked on and I didn’t wear them again.

Heading into high school, Year 8, that was all still pretty fresh and I still didn’t wear them.  I struggled sitting at the back of the class to read the blackboard, rarely moving to the front because my friends didn’t sit there and continually was under the impression that glasses were uncool.

I already had bouts of being bullied because of being so skinny (Skinny Finny was a nickname even though I always ate A LOT!), so having glasses I knew just wasn’t going to help!  I much rathered just gliding past people unnoticed.

My first year out of high school, I got new glasses and never looked back.   Instantly loving the fact that I could see who was waving at me from a distance now or the sharpness to EVERYTHING distant!   The pressures of having to look a certain way in high school definitely behind me!

Now, many years later, I am at the point where I have just worn glasses for so long that when I wear my contacts on weekends or for sport, its like Oh yeah thats what my face looks like without glasses!

Even having a few kids saying recently “you look funny without your glasses on”,  which I just calmly shrug off and say thanks or pull a silly face and announce “no, THIS is a funny face”….which always gets a giggle!

The same glasses I wore way back then now are considered a staple…..even if for mainly the hipster variety but still I’m feeling old seeing how it’s all come full circle!

Its incredible how fashions evolve and how what was considered “uncool” and inherently picked on, is now a staple fashion statement.  I’m starting to feel old as I type this and definitely sounding like my mum when flairs came back into fashion when I was 17 haha!

Either way, I choose being able to see clearly WAY over how it looks with or without them!

xx Finley

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4 thoughts on “you look funny without your glasses on!”

  1. I think your glasses fit you perfectly!! This made me laugh though because I started wearing glasses when I was 6….and they were huge, clear, PINK plastic frames. Hello’s 80’s! I’m trying to picture them being in style now.

    1. Thanks Katie!
      (sorry I didn’t reply earlier for this comment must have missed it!)

      Haha they definitely sound like a classic 80’s look AND pink too haha. I remember my mum wearing giant march-fly sun glasses and being astonished when they came back into style….though seeing them in photos with matching permed hair – they still didn’t look cool lol

  2. Haha! I totally did the whole parent manipulation too because my friend was wearing glasses. I wore them in elementary school then never again until a couple of years ago when I went to get my eyes checked (for real) and I needed them. I only wear them for driving at night and reading but it’s funny how it switched for you. haha love the photo too!

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