33 going on 20

Apparently hanging around younger people doesn’t just make you feel younger it apparently makes you look younger – 13 years younger to be exact….WINNING!!!

The past 3 Sundays I’ve been volunteering at the under 5’s kids area at church, looking after parents children while they attend the morning service.

I’ve totally loved it – despite the snotty noses, spluttering, mood swings and getting to hold kids Frozen dresses up while they go to the toilet.

But apart from that, its super rewarding and the other volunteers there are just absolute gems.

The most rewarding parts so far are;

  • Having some kids sit down for bible stories and look around to find me. Β As soon as they spot me a big grin comes over their faces as I see them and wave.
  • Getting hugs when the kids leave and a, ‘see ya later Finley” as I leave.
  • Getting to seeing my niece, who is in the same playgroup, andΒ how she interacts with other kids. Β She’s completely surprised me by how quietly confident she is and how excited she gets when she puts her hand up to answer a question about the bible and when she gets asked to join in for prayer.

But the one that got me on Sunday past, was being asked by another volunteer how old I was and saying that she thought I was 20 years old!!! Β (she is 18) Now that cracked this old chook up I tells ya!

Perhaps its more immaturity that makes me appear younger….I have no idea why though as I’m totally mature and grown up!!

My little nephew and I being mature!
My little nephew and I being mature!

Lovely little boost to the confidence – though theΒ downside was (and this happens a lot interestingly!!)Β when I tell her my actual age and I get the response of “wow I didn’t realize you were THAT old” lol. Β Right back to normal ol mildly confident me haha. Β It was nice while it lasted πŸ˜‰

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4 thoughts on “33 going on 20”

  1. Yay!!!! I get the opposite nearly all the time! People thought I was 18 or 20 when I was 13…When I was 18 or 20, they thought I was 30. Now, a 24, people don’t really comment anymore and I’m grateful! lol!!! πŸ™‚ I’d just rather not know what they’re thinking!

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