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initforlove - just say yes

There are so many things I add to my list of what I want to do in my life at the moment.  Small things like getting better at folding clothes and putting away after doing laundry, blogging more consistently, waking up earlier or baking more.  Then onto bigger things like start a bible study course, do a photography course , changing jobs or putting others first more often!

But a lot of the time I just leave it “on the list”.   They never become anything because I use “i’m too busy” or “i don’t have time” as an excuse to not start things or even sometimes there is the excuse that I don’t want to be “too” busy!!!

The reality is, there shouldn’t be a downtime. Life is WAY to precious and short and the items on my list that I want to do and want to change, need to be looked at, thought of and acted on instantly!  Even if they succeed or not.

I don’t want to become stunned with fear and not move forward because I’m scared of the what ifs!!

It has to be a life lived because I am THANKFUL to be alive EVERY DAY!   Blessed to be loved unconditionally no matter my past and no matter what my future holds – its all completely in the hands of a God who created us to love one another and praise Him no matter our circumstance!

I’m going to admit it is hard.  I’ve struggled lately in seeing people go through big, life changing issues.   Going through the strange torture that is waiting to conceive.    People struggling with depression as they go through healing and those who are battling cancers.  Its hard to see people you care about go through painful things!

But then there are these same people, going through these same things, living with the same illnesses who don’t let it stop them!   They live every day to the full because they are just so grateful to be alive!

It’s that kind of perspective that I want to have every day. Find something to APPRECIATE every day. Something to be GRATEFUL for every day. Someone to LOVE on every day.

Life is way too short to be stuck on the what if’s and the unknown.   God has us on this earth to admire the beauty in the everyday He has created, to help others, love each other and thrive!   

So as part of my continued effort in saying yes  (a few weeks ago was saying yes to Zumba by myself and last week was saying yes to helping out every week at the kids area in church), this week and the next and so on, I am going to say yes to something, ANYTHING that God throws in my path.  Big or small.

Listen to that still voice that urges you to just go in that direction, go help that person or say yes to that invitation.  No matter what it is, it is an incredibly freeing feeling to take the leap and just say yes!

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