renovation love [grateful heart]

initforlove - renovation love, grateful heart

It may have taken us nearly 4 years, lots of saving and plenty of time, worry and the occasional argument – but we are almost there with our outdoor renovation to our little townhouse.

It’s something I have to recognise as being extremely grateful for that weย have the opportunity to renovate.

We both have never done anything like this the two of us, well its the first home we’ve owned, but its been fun and I’m so grateful thatย even though there has been a few issues (namely the roof arriving too long and hubby having to cut it by hand!) but we’ve had a relatively smooth run.

Part of the fun as we are almost finished (and I say almost because the side access hasn’t been completed yet), is heading to that place called IKEA where you just can’t walk into without taking something home. ย Only adding a small little three piece lounger to our outdoor area, I was joined by my little Millie cat in supporting me as I allen-keyed it all together. ย Cats and their boxes!

Its so funny how, as women (unless its just me) we get so excited about new home items and I raced to get it all put together and outside ready for when hubby got home from work. ย Needless to say, he wasn’t as excited as I was about it but he did sit on it and showed hisย excitement with oooo’s and aahh’s haha and maybe a whoop de doo! ย A little token effort and he did say he liked the colours matching with our other table – I’ll take it!!!

Just have to take a couple more photos to add to the before’s and afters and then I can’t wait to pop it up for you guys to see the changes to our outdoor area.

But for now, I’m heading out to sit on the lounger ๐Ÿ˜‰

initforlove - outdoor furniture, renovation2initforlove - outdoor furniture, renovation1initforlove - outdoor furniture, renovation

xx Finley


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9 thoughts on “renovation love [grateful heart]”

  1. Looks great! We always spend more on outdoor furniture than indoor furniture… you can tell where we spend most of our time! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Robin. It just becomes another living area doesn’t it. We haven’t had such a good space outside until now. Breakfast out there is fast becoming my new thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The patio set looks great! I so wish my husband and I would have gotten a fixer upper home and made it our own… I mean there are pros and cons to both, we moved into a brand new home, I just miss the character. Over the years I’ve made it my own though, you’ll have to come back and check out my IKEA hack on Wednesday! I love IKEA furniture, seriously the price is right and with a little bit of inspiration you can make it into your own! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. oh awesome what good timing! i will look out for that post!!! i love that about it too it is easy to make it your own!
      Oh yes definitely pros and cons because its a lot of work too and requires A LOT of patience haha!

  3. It looks awesome! I am cracking up over your little kitty – they are ever the helpers, aren’t they?! Bless you guys for renovating and staying married (I kid). My husband and I can’t even put an Ikea SHELF together without WW3 happening.

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