finding beauty in the *new* garden

Some weeks you just say thank goodness its Friday with more gusto than other weeks – this week is one of them!!! Β We have a long weekend this weekend in Brisbane so Friday couldn’t come fast enough!

Even better is its a weekend where we have the whole weekend to spend at home, working on our home whilst in the midst of renovations with cleaning up after our upstairs was painted and getting stuck into the raised garden bed which my wonderful husband built himself! Β Oh and piles of washing but no one wants to do that πŸ™‚

Not only will we be having some yummy veges in the garden soon, but I’m so excited, as a huge flower lover, that we’ve planted some beautiful little flowers!!!

What I loved so much about sitting beside the flowers this morning was seeing a couple of the flowers opening up as the sun hit. Β I found them so much more beautiful partially open than fully open – I feel like I’ll miss them doing this a lot but completely enjoyed this beautiful moment with flowers now a part of our house πŸ™‚




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