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I know I can be as guilty as the next, but the one thing this world needs more of is looking at what we can do for others and stop looking constantly towards ourselves.

The minute you STOP looking at what you should wear, how you should look, what someone said, how many followers they have or how many more you want, what small things annoys you,, how much money they have, their nice decor or what someone did that you don’t agree with – that same minute you can then START to be a blessing to someone else!!

Look outside yourself and start looking at what you can do to make someone else smile – how you can be kind and helpful every day. In return I can guarantee you’ll be a much happier you!!

This is so much of what I want 2015 to be filled with – less negativity and more giving!

#latenightthought #justsaying #nowtimeforsleep #finleyout xx

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