choosing happiness reclaiming hope


How easy it would be to quietly get sad about not being pregnant yet, especially when it seems it is pregnancy season around me at the moment!

People announce pregnancy and it makes you look to yourself when you are trying for a baby – pretty much instantly some times which is a blah selfish way of thinking.

But I don’t want to have to be fighting to have a child as well as fighting to get myself out of some deep sadness wondering why not me.

So I choose happiness.

And it actually comes pretty easily. You just have to do one thing.

Take the focus of yourself!

Believe in Gods plans for your life and Trust that what he has for you is more brilliant and wonderful than anything you could ever over think.

So this month and for ever how many more it takes, I’m choosing to smile. Choosing to laugh. Choosing to love others. Choosing to find joy in other people’s happiness and the pure miracle in the creation of life – for whoever it may be for!

I am still waiting for my miracle, because that’s what you do when you wait for something you know you will get! Wait…and keep blogging about it 😉

You wait in trust and in hope. Because I believe that you Lord are the bearer of life and of miracles and that all things are possible through you!


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