The Circle, home essentials

I love this little Link Up by Kiki at In Its Time and her co-host this month Victoria from Through *For* By.  I especially love that every month its something different – such a clever idea from a clever lady!

This months is 5-10 essentials and it really got me thinking….but then it stopped me thinking because I was then over thinking….sigh! But I figured, hey – what am I around every day that are things I couldn’t live without….thus my The Circle link up for November…



home essentials
> earrings…not a day goes by that I don’t wear earrings.  they sometimes get strewn over the house, but essential!
> ghd…hair straightener is a must for me and my thick unruly locks!
> laptop….love my little lappy.  we have such productive (and unproductive) times together.
> husband….because everyone needs a good husband in the home.  an essential daily staple 😉
> cook books…we have a lot of cookbooks. hubby has a problem in buying them! But they are so so handy!
> millie cat…because she is adorable and needs to be fed daily.  if not, you will know about it and possibly trip over her!
> muesli…hmmm the best thing and comes so in handy when you just need a quick brekky! Essential to have a stock!
> the food stash…the husbands idea & comes in handy on fast days & guest coffee/tea stop overs
> my third hand/iphone….as much as I always try to not use little ifey, he always finds his way into my pretty, okay now I’m distracted!!

In Its Time

20/11/2014 2:26am

Love your twist on this prompt! All essentials indeed. And the “third hand” cracks me up – this happens to me all the time.


20/11/2014 8:46pm

Thanks Anne! it’s sitting beside me right now looking at me. I swear I should just go and put it in another room its such a bad habit…
thanks for stopping by!


20/11/2014 9:47am

That is the CUTEST cat picture!

My husband is pretty essential to my life too. 😉


20/11/2014 8:48pm

haha yes she is a cutie my little Millie.
and yes the husband is essential…figured I had to add him as I added the cat first 😉


20/11/2014 2:42pm

I LOVE what you said about your laptop. I have the same love/hate relationship with mine! Love it for blogging and all that, hate it when it keeps me distracted from getting things done. But I think the love is greater! 🙂

And I also love your food stash idea! Such a clever idea that I might have to adopt.

Thanks for linking up! I loved your list!


20/11/2014 8:49pm

haha yes it is definitely a love/hate relationship….its so pretty too 🙂
yes it is a good idea and bad again – but its amazing how you actually forget about it. but when people come over and you have them sitting there to go with a nice hot cuppa – its pretty cute so i’ll give him that 😉

thanks for hosting the link up – you guys always do such a good job 🙂

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