a story in a flower

Sometimes I just have to marvel at the way things work out and how God’s hand is just present in every single moment, action and story!

Every Saturday we try and go to our local markets to get fresh fruit and veges and also to use it as a time to catch up with my cousins and mother in law.

This morning was no different, with breakfast at the markets with my mother in law. Β After shopping and leaving I decided I wanted to get these flowers I’d seen earlier, they just caught my eye as I hadn’t seen them at the markets before. Β Just so many shades of colour and long stems in one bunch – they were beautiful! .

With hubby and mother in law waiting I go and buy two bunches of Alstroemerias forΒ $10 – such a bargain – and join them for the walk back to the car.

My mother in law sees my flowers and immediately says, they are wild flowers – I used to see them growing up in China (her parents, hubby’s grandparents, had fled Russia and his mum was born in China).

And from out of that moment, of her seeing the flowers, came her telling us a story.

Her brother, who was 7 at the time, chased after a calf that had gotten loose and worried he’d get in trouble for it going missing. Β He ended up getting lost – he was gone for 3 days!!!! Β But during that time of being lost, this little 7 year old boy saw the most beautiful field of wild flowers he’d ever seen! Β  Absolutely stunning scenery of fields and mountains.

He remembered the look of the mountains from his home so he kept walking until the perspective looked how he was used to seeing them.

He eventually found his way home and told his story to a worried family who I’m guessing were no longer worried about the calf – although they did up finding the calf before he came home!

The flowering field she said, is now underwater and no longer there, not to be seen again….though I’m sure these flowers still grow wild.

I’m looking at the flowers now, in a vase, just thinking – what an absolutely wonderful memory and story the pure presence of flowers can bring to someone.

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