time that matters

Time is such an important thing and these days it feels like it is going by WAYYY too fast. ย I am trying not to look ahead as looking ahead feels like it just makes it go even faster, but alas, I can’t subdue my organising/planning side of me. ย But if I can plan for things that make me happy and content filled – then plan away I say!

This weekend was one of them. ย Not just because it was a long three day weekend (okay yes it was partly!), but because it was spent with quality time with beautiful people.

So in quick review, this long weekend of super fun;

> Thursday
A relaxing Thursday night with my mum. ย Thank goodness we did our Fast Day on Thursday in preparation for the weekend food fest haha!
> Friday
We woke up bright and early to head to a cooking class to make a Thai Feast at Spirit House in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast – gorgeous country to view. ย  Wasn’t quite the ‘cooking’ class I was hoping for, more of a prep and watch type of thing, but the food was fantastic! ย We then spent the rest of the afternoon and night at a beach view room in Coolum, a relaxing fish, chips and movie for dinner and an early night. ย  we also decided to not use our cameras/phones as soon as we got to coolum so no photos of that but what a great time to just take in the sights and really enjoy sitting by the ocean, throwing stones and listening to the ocean! It was simply wonderful – with no distractions – just us two!! Lovely!
> Saturday
Saturday was a trip to the Eumundi Markets, ย popping in to see my cousin, Family Fun Day #2 with my sisters and mum and cousins and super fun play time with my nieces and nephews and then a random night of burgers at a new place in Brisbanes Foritude Valley and wrestling, WWE style but D grade lol, with some of Dan’s friends.
> Sunday
Sunday was Father’s Day and though I don’t get to spend it with my Dad any more, it was lovely to spend it with Dan’s brothers who are wonderful fathers to our nieces. ย So church first up followed by making and eating SOO many crepes and then the rest of the day at home.

Can you see why I loved it so much!! Now you can enjoy all of the above in pictures haha…just for good measure!!!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too!!! Loving Spring here right now in Australia. ย Having some BEAUTIFUL blue skied weather its wonderful!











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