the last 10 pictures on my phone

My phone has over 3,800 photos on it, 130 quote images, 214 instagram images and 106 videos! Β  And a WHOLEEEE lot of random stuff on there which is just making me look all kinds of weird as I look through them!

I’ve been meaning to go in and clear out my photos and file them away in my organised little computer folders, but I think the sheer number has overwhelmed me and I just haven’t done it…for months now!

I saw this fun idea on Ashley’s blog, Rainstorms and Lovenotes and thought it was such a great idea and tucked it away for a rainy day, when my brain had just packed up shop and checked out! Β  Yes dear readers, that is this day and well the past few weeks of my bloggy brain! Ahh the joys of blog block! Β  So thank you Ashley πŸ™‚

That being said – here are the 10 last photos on my phone for your viewing pleasure!!!


The husband had a charity day at work, Superhero Day for Muscular Dystrophy and as well as dressing up as a superhero he and I made a Kryponite Cake…so much fun and not for those that don’t like sugar πŸ™‚

I took our little leftover cake along to my work with lots of toffee…needless to say the toffee was the first thing to go haha!

The text I got from the husband at work. He was Lex Luthor (and yes thats my stocking on his head!!) and his work friend Superman!

Some etsy art I’ve been eyeing off πŸ˜€ so cute!


Super blurry photo, but Saturday night was hubby’s work night function.

As much fun as it was at his work function – this happened next door! Monster Trucks! Kinda heard them through the night and was kinda jealous…

Tasty homemade chorizo, prawn and squid paella for dinner Sunday night!

There is such truth in some memes! This is one of them and made me lol

Similar layout to our small little kitchen and eyeing off ideas for our kitchen reno. If this whole image could somehow be transferred into our house I’d be rather delighted!

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