accent vlog linkup (eek)

Okay – this totally made me nervous all day after I saw it early this morning thinking I could never ever do a vlog…my little heart was beating and I started getting butterflies and sweating like a crazy person…..and this is how I ALWAYS get when I get nervous….think about it too much and don’t do things.

So caution went to the wind, I sat down with the list tonight and just went for it!! Dodgy computer camera (sheesh sony i thought your camera would be much better), reflection on glasses and all of me up in your face – sorry guys!

Seeing Ashley from Rainstorms & Lovenotes, Elizabeth from Elizabeth Loves and Allie from Allieology all looking so cute and natural made me think of course I can do that haha…why not – no one judges right 😀

Anyway it’s happened, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, kind of fun and my warm up for Kiki from  In It’s Time Vlog later this month – where my brain first thought properly about doing a vlog! Fun fun!!

Anyway, enjoy my nervous talking and fuzzy computer screen – I’ll think better about it next time and get my camera out…but for now – you get my funny little Aussie accent coming through your sound and hopefully you can understand me!! There is not even close to anything southern – only very very south 😀


Linking Up with Allie from Allieology –Accent Vlog


2/8/2014 16:33:38
 I love LOVE LOVE your accent!!!! And I love that you did a vlog, Finley–I always enjoy matching a voice to the writing!!!
4/8/2014 01:37:31
 Thanks Elizabeth!!! thats what i love too seeing AND hearing others its pretty cool!
2/8/2014 18:15:08
 I love it (your accent that is)!!!! Crackerjack’s are a caramel popcorn type thing that is popular (or was popular) at baseball games. There is a baseball song that mentions them. 🙂
4/8/2014 01:38:29
 Thanks Katherine 🙂 well they sound delicious!!! i was thinking they were fireworks for a second too lol
2/8/2014 23:31:43
I love your accent! If I knew how to do a blog my vlog would be very southern. The bug that rolls up is a rolypoly. In Georgia, we call toilet papering a house “rolling” a house. I thought you did fantastic in the vlog😊🎥
4/8/2014 01:41:14
 Thanks Kristi!!!! I’ll have to google what a rolypoly looks like! they sound cute 🙂 i’d love to hear your accent 😀
4/8/2014 00:35:32
Finley, this was so much fun to watch! Your accent is so adorable. I’ve never heard of calling a buggy a trolley before – so interesting! Glad you ended up joining in on this 🙂
4/8/2014 01:42:19
 Thanks Ashley 🙂 It was actually good fun I enjoyed it and making my way through all the others in the link up – love hearing others on here it brings a voice to the blog
Elisha Kearnslink
4/8/2014 15:58:46
Loved this girl!! It was so good to hear your voice…I feel like you are more personal to me now 🙂 Thank you for sharing! xo

6/8/2014 13:57:38
Aww thanks Elisha!!!
FINLEY! SO fun hearing your voice! so fun
6/8/2014 13:59:11
hehe – thanks caroline! I keep forgetting that i have a real voice on here as well as everyone else!
11/8/2014 21:19:01

 Your accent is adorable! I’ve always wished I could rock an Australian accent. You did great for your first vlog 🙂

13/8/2014 01:56:21
 AHHH! I love it!! You did so well! I still haven’t gathered enough courage to do a video! But we should have a skype date soon!

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