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It was so nice today to see the kindness of a stranger.  A stranger who helped someone, just because he was asked if he could help – and he could!

We’ve been having torrential rain here on and off for quite a few days in Brisbane (and praying that it makes it’s way west to Queensland farmers in severe drought), and its been quite a nice cool change after some random heat last week.

Today though, in a torrential downpour, a coworker left for the day to find her car battery had died, she’d left her lights on.  We ended up going from shop to shop around our office to see if anyone had jumper cables, no one did, apparently most cars are now electric push start and can’t be jump started #somethingilearnttoday haha!

Next shop, the Barber – and low and behold, an older man getting his hair cut said yes sure I do.  I’ll just finish getting my hair done and help you!! YES – awesome!  There was relief over my work friends face at that point, she was a little flustered wanting to get home and to her family.

So pouring with rain, we head across to her car – and he wasn’t worried about getting his hair wet after I asked (lol!, he did look at me funny when I said that) – I held the umbrella while he put the cables on!   Problem fixed!  Car works straight away – hooray!!!

Asking his name and thanking him, still in the pouring rain, saying enjoy getting home to some dry clothes and warm meal, he replied with “well I just live right around the corner, I think I’ll be eating before warm clothes and not a problem at all, don’t mention it”.  Soon found out after thanking him again and saying, we might see you at your next hair appointment, we work just next door, that his brother in law owns an office of another owner I know.   Small world!!

Coming home I’ve just been so impressed.  I thought at first, its just something small, don’t make it into a big deal, people do help people all the time – but I just though it was lovely!!!

I love that there are people who aren’t in a rush to just calmly and politely help someone.     I love that there are people who are willing to ‘have a lighthearted chat’ and not make a big deal out of something, its just “what I should do”.  Really made me happy and made my day!

And that as the quote says above, there can be things, in days that can seem so averagely normal, that CAN  bring gratitude and joy – you just have to be able to see it and appreciate it!!! I really love that quote.  It’s made me see things a little differently at the end of today – all thanks to a man who had to get his hair did!   😉   Pretty cool!


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