mission preparation

Well it’s come down to this.  I’ve finished work as of yesterday and today starts the next few days of packing and making sure I have everything ready for my mission trip – we fly out to Cambodia Friday night!

Part of the preparation for going is organising crafts, messages and devotions and I won’t lie.  I’ve found it difficult at times.  It’s completely out of my comfort zone, because I’ve never done anything like this before.  I’ve never given a message to someone, let alone a group of people.  I have never led a devotion to a group of women to start the day.    Nor have I ever sat down with a group of young girls, who don’t’ speak English, work with a translator and teach them craft.

But the fun part of the preparation – and all that has been fun at times also – is that it’s spiritually preparing yourself too.  One thing I’ve always known and have repeated to myself many times as a Christian, is that God is always with me.  Anything is possible with Him.

It has never rung so truly as now.  There is strength in those words.  I feel flustered, stressed, frustrated and things aren’t going the way I had hoped in prep, but the one thing that has brought me back out of that is All things are possible with God.

It can seem such a generic thing to say, I mean they say it at our church over and over – but it is now truly resonating with me as I face fear in doing something I”ve never done before.  Don’t worry Finley, all things are possible with God!  You don’t face it on your own.  You don’t draw strength from yourself.  Draw strength from Him!!!

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

But the preparation has carried on.  My poor husband has copped some stressful moments, especially with the arrival of AF yesterday – the poor man!

But his help to me in prepping for the trip has been just awesome bless him.  He’s been cooking dinners nearly every night for the past month and having it ready when I come home from work.  Sending me text messages before work finishes saying “what’s on the agenda tonight?  What are we packing? put me to work”   Cute messages in the mornings with lots of emoticon pictures saying “I have to get 2 weeks of kisses in before Friday night”.   And then there is this on the fridge!


My biggest cheerleader and my biggest support! It’s such a lovely thing to see the lengths of support that your husband will go to and seeing a side to them you hadn’t seen before.  Just stepping up when needed and going above and beyond!

So the preparation continues.  I have 2 full days of organising, no work, just me at home getting things in order ready to go.  Trying to somehow fit massive amounts of crafts into one suitcase and all my clothes and toiletries into one piece of hand luggage!  I’ve never been any where that has said you only can bring 4 changes of clothes and 1 pair of shoes haha!  It is definitely going to be a challenging few weeks but its going to also be a time where I will get to experience and grow in a way I never have.  And of course I can do it! Because ALL things are possible with God!!


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