rest upon my heart

Last night was my last meeting before my mission trip next week (eeek next week!!)  and the basis of the meeting was prayer and prophesy for the girls and I before the trip.  Far out! It was just amazing and the great thing was that we were told to record it on our phones so we can type it out and pray about it later.

While I was driving to the meeting I had this overwhelming sense of calm and a couple of revelations which have excited me and given me a refreshing sense of faith!

I realised, on the drive there, that I wasn’t actually nervous any more.  That the feelings I had of being nervous were actually because I was feeling excited and I had turned all of that nervous energy into excitement.  But the thing was – I felt it, a shift!

Then after these two lovely ladies prophesied and I had left the meeting, I realised that part of what one of the ladies said was what I had prayed for before I left for the meeting.   It was about my heart!

I pray Lord that you will rest upon my heart.  Open my heart up and speak directly to me.  Make my nerves go away and be present in my heart!!! 

This is what really spoke to me and brought tears to my eyes.

Father God, right now I just ask that you will expand her heart. Father that your will, it will be like the birthing of something that you have never experienced before.   Its going to be like a deep  pull to them that your almost going to be groaning at times because of the mantle that God is putting over you, the father heart of God and the understanding that he’s going to give you.  But oh the depth of your praise and your worship, oh the depth of your love of God and the depth of God in you as you meditate on that.  As you draw from that.  As you allow him to just fill you full to overflowing with revelation knowledge.   Spirit of God.  Thank you father! Fill her heart – full and fresh! Thank you Lord that she is a vessel willing to carry your glory! Thank you Lord!  


What an overwhelming sense of clarity and calm I felt in that moment.  What an overwhelming sense of our Lord I felt in that moment!  I’ve never had that strength of feeling in me before where I just felt completely overwhelmed in that moment and completely and absolutely LOVED in that moment!  Definitely resting on my heart!! Thank you!!!

Here is a another quick excerpt (sorry for the excited rabbling!)  from our team trainer from the recording which I just absolutely loved.  Ooooo one happy woman right now!!!  

The Lord showed me that he is your shepherd.  He’s your father.  Your loving father.  And where you have felt inadequate before, where you have thought you fell short, you will not fall short.  Jesus is the one that will lift you.  And I just had a picture of him walking just in front of you and as Penny was talking about the ray of light, I just saw the sun come through the clouds, it was dark and as you were walking behind Jesus, you were just walking quietly but with authority and he’s saying to you, come!  Just follow me, come Finley.  Come and I will take you where I want you to go but rest in me and do not feel inadequate and stand against those thoughts of inadequacy .  Just be still but have authority.  Walk in authority.  Exercise that authority. In Jesus name.


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