Seeking simplicity // relinquishing control

At the beginning of the month I had decided that my word for the year was to be Simplicity.    The thing is I knew it wouldn’t be simple..  There are many things I have to do before I can just simply have it!.  One of those things, for me,  is control.

It comes down to this – one of my favourite passages of scripture so far;


For me this means to; Trust in God and surrender all your control to Him.   Pray without being concerned if you are saying the wrong thing or not – that’s your control talking – just pray!

Things I’ve learned, and helped by a great sermon at Church on Sunday  just past too, is that you are influenced by what’s around you, what you see.  So you should only have the things in front of you that will influence you in a good way, to the goal you want to achieve!

Motivational speakers use words of affirmation and positive thinking to push people to the next level. Or if you are wanting to be a professional athlete or super fit, you don’t get there by doing it every once in a while – you get there by dedication, practice and being around it all the time.

It can be this for anything in your life.  It doesn’t have to just be  your spiritual life.  It relates for me to food – have healthy food in front of you and around you all the time and you will eat it – only have things in front of you that will influence you in a good way.    

In my spiritual life – its prayer.  I struggle with feeling fully comfortable in doing it because I am not doing it enough!

I know that comes down to relinquishing control.   I have to stop trying to be in control of every situation and just DO! You will never win the race if you don’t even try!

and awesomely – this revelation came after I prayed this morning – go figure 😉


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