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Well it’s good to know my new weekly planner for 2014 works because I’ve remembered to do this link up!!! After missing out on the past 3 of them lol!

I love this idea of getting the ol ball and chain involved in my blog.  As it is, the hubster doesn’t read my blog.  Only occasionally when I get excited about some sort of thought break through and find it easier to say exactly what I mean by what I wrote – and makes it a more direct and faster conversation for him too!   But he has said its my space if I feel comfortable with him reading it let him know but honestly I think he’s quite happy to not read it…..I tell him everything enough as it is without him hearing it in another different way haha!

One thing that my husband and I are not – is serious.   Usually most of what we say either comes out in a joke or a joke with a lot of sarcasm included.  And explains why we always tend to dress up when there is a party on or host our own themed parties.  Anyway – when you read the below, you’ll understand what I mean 🙂   This man definitely makes me laugh and always finds the humor in something!


1.  What was your favourite movie of 2013?

Dunno?  Did you tape your butt? Cos if so, then THAT movie.  
(sigh.  I remind him you do have to be partially serious!)
Umm, The Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug
(this makes more sense, seeing as though he had been hanging out since last year for it!!)

2. What is your all time favourite movie quote?

“Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!”.  
(yup…if you picked it! He loves the Princess Bride.   My little dorky husband! )

3. What is your favourite type of movie? (action, scary, comedy, etc)

Maybe childrens animation
(I mentioned we aren’t serious a lot didn’t I?)  I think we’ve seen nearly every one! Currently on the to watch list is Frozen – which I hear is awesome!

4.  What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Haha.   I don’t make them.  Change when it’s needed is my motto!
I tend to agree  with thisand he tells me this quite a lot…..actually changing though is another subject all together for me!

5. Finish this sentence: This year I will…

Be awesome.  Done.  Next challenge!
Yeah.  Sounds about right.  From the man who has Mr Awesome on his mug at work!
And likes to write things like this at kids parties!!

Kinda loving him a lot more right now after this post!!! I think maybe that was the point 🙂
Thanks Malsmiles – I see why you do this – that was a lot of fun!
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