one month today

I cannot believe it is 1 month today that I will be heading off on my first ever mission trip! Wowzers!!!

I was kindly reminded by my dear husband by wake up text this morning “BABYYYY one month to go! Excitement +++”. ย Such a sweetie. ย And yes I’m excited but also a little bit of nerves, fear of the unknown and not feeling as organised as I should or actually, as organised as I’d hoped I’d be by this point. ย I pretty much wanted to have my suitcase out, everything in order and all I’d have to do for the next month is just play around with the crafts I’d be doing and the messages I’d have to read.

Of course there is still time, it’s just that life likes to get in the way of my organising time!! ย Funny that ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing I’d like to do though, seeing as its only a month away now, is to let you all know what is involved and really to ask for your prayers and thoughts not just while I’m over there but in the lead up to going.

This idea came from reading the lovely Kerries’ blog at “Life. On a Mission where she did a great four part blog on How to prepare for a missions trip. ย SO glad I found her blog late last year and came across these posts as they seriously have helped me A LOT!

Part of what she mentioned was to;

“Pray. And get otherโ€™s praying for you as well.
Donโ€™t wait until the time of your trip to start. Start now. Ask for others to pray with you through the fundraising, through the preparations, during the trip, and even after.

More often than not, Satan reserves his toughest attacks for our return home. Don’t forget that!

Create a prayer calendar for people who commit to pray.
If you know a tentative schedule for your trip, write up a list of what you plan to be doing each day and let others know how to pray for you. And consider the time difference. If you go to Africa and you have someone commit to pray for you everyday at lunch, remind them that for you, thatโ€™s the middle of the night. Ask them to pray for good rest and for the next dayโ€™s activities.”

Luckily enough I am fortunate to not need the fundraising but I definitely need it for the preparation and from reading this it made me stop and think “well I need to start praying now, for myself, to get focused and ask Him what is required of me, what can I offer!”

I’m going to be doing a post to those that are interested of what I’ll be doing over in Cambodia during the days while working with the SHE Rescue team (and also to continue to get my head around it by writing it down!) and there will be days when I will definitely be praying over those that I meet everyday and journaling as I go and would welcome any one who would like to pray for us while we are over there.

But for now, what I’d love is if you could put a little prayer aside for; guidance, strength and confidence as I prepare to head over to Cambodia. ย  To let my fear of flying not even come into the equation. ย For God to be moved into this country where sex trafficking is so prevalent. ย  For our Lord to watch over all the women in our team! ย  To start every day in His word and His confidence and to know that I can accomplish anything with Him by my side.

And I think Kerrie put it perfectly in this;


Thank you lovely ladies!!!

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